The most beautiful hair color in the world

Since ancient times, hair has been considered the main decoration of any woman. And at the same time, natural hair color has always been valued more and considered attractive. But what exactly is the most beautiful hair color in the world that attracts men and makes a woman more seductive and attractive? There is no unequivocal answer to this question, since opinions are divided in two. Based on statistics, blondes and brunettes are considered the owners of the most beautiful hair. For more references, check out: most common hair colors

Taste and color

The image of a real Russian beauty is captured by many as a girl with a long blond braid and blue eyes. Owners of blonde hair, not only in Russia, but throughout the world have always been considered the embodiment of femininity, tenderness, fragility and innocence.

According to psychologists, brunettes are passionate and sensual women, and their hair color makes them even more mysterious and sexy. And according to statistics, 90% of the winners of such famous contests as "Miss World", "Miss Universe" are precisely the owners of magnificent black hair.

The most beautiful celebrities are brunettes

The title of the most beautiful woman in the world has been held by the Italian actress Monica Bellucci for the last twenty years. The face of world famous brands, the world famous actress in her fifty-two years old looks simply divine thanks to chic shapes, sensual lips and chic dark curls.

Sultry Mexican Salma Hayek is a famous American actress and director, winner of the Emmy Award, known for her sexy looks and long dark hair. The beauty of Salma, despite no longer a young age, does not fade, but only becomes brighter.

Another famous brunette, known not only for her roles in movies, but also for her beauty is Megan Fox. Today she is considered the sexiest woman in Hollywood, thanks to her attractive cat eyes, gracefully arched eyebrows and luxurious hair.

The most beautiful hair color is black

Aishwarya Rai has been considered the first beauty of India and all of Bollywood for many years. The owner of the Miss World title and outstanding appearance, captivates men with the beauty of her light eyes and a shock of luxurious black hair. The most beautiful hair color in the world makes her the idol of many fans.

Brazilian Adriana Lima is a sexy Victoria's Secret "angel", a famous model, thanks to her profession, she has changed her hair color more than once, but she was remembered for her dark thick hair and a languid mysterious look.

Beauties with ash curls

Few people are born with ashy hair color, but nevertheless, many girls dye their hair in this particular shade, considering it the most beautiful and sexy. And not in vain. Initially, the popularity of light hair color was brought by the sex symbol of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe. Everyone knows her famous image of a sexy blonde in a snow-white dress. Until now, Monroe is considered a role model in the world.

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